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Why do people act as though they are afraid of Christianity?

Christians are told not to wear a necklace with a cross to work; monuments with the Ten Commandments are torn out of public buildings; nativity scenes can't be displayed at Christmas; prayer in public places is banned; all signs of Christianity are being removed from America. Why are people acting as though they are afraid of Christianity?

Possible answers:

Christians Are Like Telemarketers

Some say Christians are always trying to push their beliefs onto other people.

The truth is that Christians do not want to force anyone else to become a Christian -- because it can't be done. Becoming a Christian is a matter of what is in your heart. A person can be forced to proclaim Christ as their Lord and savior with their mouth, but unless it is in that person's heart the words are meaningless.

I would be interested in your thoughts and comments. If someone carrying a Bible were to knock on your door and say, "I am a Christian and I'd like to talk to you about Christ.", how would you react?

Would you invite the person in, or send them away? What would you say to them?

Christians Think They Have The Only Way To Salvation

Christianity says that the only way to salvation and eternal life is by believing in Jesus as God. Everyone else goes to hell. That is intolerant of other people's beliefs--beliefs that are just as valid as Christianity.

Christianity (true Christianity that is) is a tolerant religion. Christianity does not support the persecution of any person, culture or other religion. While recognizing that Christ is the only way to salvation, and desiring that all be saved, Christians do not feel that non-Christians are to be despised, discriminated against, harmed, harassed or persecuted in any way. Non-Christians are to be loved.

Christians Are Hypocrites

Yes, you are correct. People calling themselves "Christian" do not behave in the way the BIble teaches us a Christian should.

There are tho issues involved here.

1) People who call themselves Christian are not really Christian. For example, some people think that if you are an American, you are a Christian. Some people think that if they go to church occaissionally, they are a Christian. Neither of these are true.

Anyone can call themselves a Christian, but it is through our behavior that we show who we really are.

2) Christians are not perfect. We make mistakes and sometimes do things we should not have done.

Do you feel you already know all you need to know about Christianity?

In some countries a Christian knocking on doors might be jailed and possibly executed. In some countries it is illegal to openly carry a Bible. And in America, where freedom reigns, we also persecute Christians--but in different ways. Why is that?


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