Critics say Christianity is intolerant of other people's beliefs.

What do other religions believe that supposedly make them more tolerant than Christianity?

In Islam you must be a Muslin in order to get to paradise. All others go to hell. In some Muslin countries the death sentence applies to Muslims in possession of a Bible. So not only is Islam is just as exclusive as Christianity concerning getting to heaven, they are MUCH LESS tolerant of the existence of other religions.

Buddhists and Hindus do not believe in heaven. Their objective is to escape the "wheel of life" and become one with the universe. Hinduism is said to be the most "inclusive religion", they believe in all gods. At last count there were over 320,000,000 gods in Hinduism. But are they really all inclusive? No, they are not. To be a Hindu you must accept the belief that there are many gods.

If a member of a Hindu family becomes a Christian, that person is thrown out of the family and ostracized. So not only are Hindus exclusive in their beliefs, they are MUCH LESS tolerant of the existence of other religions than Christianity is.

Don't point a finger at Christianity and say Christians are intolerant. Christianity alone provides an environment of freedom that allows other religions to exist and florish.