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Is Jesus God?
(Is Jesus who He claims to be?)

We can break this question down into two more fundamental questions.

The answers to these two questions makes a difference in how you live your life. Because if Jesus is God, shouldn't we be paying attention to what He taught and did?

Question 1
Was Jesus a real person?
A historical fact? Did He really live and was He crucified by the Romans?

If the Bible is a collection of folk tales, myths and stories that have been distorted and changed over time, then it does not provide a basis for belief in God, and Jesus was not who He said He was.

Question 2
Was Jesus who He said He was?
Was he God? Did Jesus really die on the cross and did He really come alive again?

If the answer is no, then we can consider the Bible's New Testament to be a good story, that might have some good things to teach us, but it is not something on which we need to base our lives.

If the Bible is true: If the answer to both of these questions is, yes -- If the Bible we have today is accurate and true. If Jesus is God. Then everything He said and taught is true. Christianity is the only way to eternal life. Accepting Jesus as your savior is your only way to salvation. It may not be politically correct to say this, but if the New Trestament is true, then neither Islam, nor Buddism, nor Hinduism, nor any other religion can save you. Only Jesus can save you.

Here are the answers to these two key questions:

1) Is the Bible accurate? Is Jesus a historical fact?

2) Is Jesus really who He said He was, God?

Recommended reading: The Case For Christ, by Lee Strobel

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