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Christianity In America

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So you want to rebel against society?

Go for it!

You have two choices for rebellion:

1) Be different by being negative. This is the way we normally think of rebellion. Fight authority; hurt other people; hurt yourself (drinking, drugs, sex, etc.); damage things; destroy things; get down and dirty. You'll be mostly ignored, there are a lot of people trying to rebel this way and your rebellion is a normal part of American culture. If you are different enough you'll end up in a half-way house, rehabilitation, prison, or dead.

2) Turn against American culture. You'll be rejected, persecuted, laughed at, continually told to be quiet (in other words, to not express your views in public). Your freedom at work and school will be limited, when compared with other people. You will experience daily attacks on your beliefs and continual, unrelenting 24 hour-a-day efforts to get you to renounce and turn away from your beliefs.

You are an Evangelical Christian, a true rebel against American culture.

Ah, but you say American is a Christian nation. To be a Christian is not to be a rebel. Yes, nearly 85% of Americans claim to be Christian. But, very few of those actually behave like Christians. Yes, American's history shows us America was founded as a Christian nation, but today we have turned out backs on that Christian heritage.

To call yourself a Christian in America is not to be a rebel. To think and act as Jesus taught us, that is rebelling and inviting persecution--and that is truly being a Christian.

Persecution: Christians are the most persecuted faith group in the world. As a few examples, take a look at the following web sites:

Persecuted Church
Persecuted Church News

Persecution in America: In America public prayer, the Ten Commandments, Christmas, wearing a cross (such as on a necklace), private prayer, and more are under attack. For just a sampling visit:

The American Center for Law and Justice

To be a Bible-believing Christian in America today is to be a rebel, just as it was in Jesus' day. It means to rebel against the secularism of American culture. It means to rebel against the apathy of American Christianity. It means to rebel against the hypocracy of American "Christian" churches. It means to rebel against the lack of moral values and the tolerance of sin in America today.

It means to love God above all else and to love all others. It means to become a servant who, instead of asking "What's in it for me?" askes "What can I do for others?"

An entire web site could be dedictated to this subject. For in-depth information, we highly recommend a book written by a Jewish Rabbi: America's Real War

To become a true Bible-based Christian means that you no longer conform to who and what American society and culture says you should be. Instead you belong to Christ.

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