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Jesus Always Devotional
Should You RUN From Jesus Always?
YES! This book is even more dangerous than Jesus Calling.

False gospel? False teaching? False Jesus? Get an in-depth look at Jesus Always to find out what this New Age book is actually teaching. It sounds Biblical, but the "Jesus" of Jesus Always doesn't even understand scripture. Should You RUN From Jesus Always? takes a sober look at both Jesus Always and scripture to determine whether this devotional is truly in alignment with scripture... or not.

Available soon on Amazon. Sample chapters available now online: Should You RUN From Jesus Always?

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Is Christianity based on faith?

Yes, but unlike all other religions, including secularism and atheism, it is not a blind faith. It is a faith based on history and evidence.

Atheism and secularism require a greater faith than does Christianity.

I suppose to most people that sounds strange. Isn't it supposed to be that religion is based on faith because religion believes in something that can't be seen; and atheism/secularism is based on rational thought and the hard evidence of science--something that can be seen?

Let's take a look at these assumptions.

The key difference between these two world views is that Christianity says that the universe, and everything in it, was created by God in six days. Atheism/secularism says that everything, including people, came into existance as a result of natural causes.

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