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Jesus Always Devotional
Should You RUN From Jesus Always?
YES! This book is even more dangerous than Jesus Calling.

False gospel? False teaching? False Jesus? Get an in-depth look at Jesus Always to find out what this New Age book is actually teaching. It sounds Biblical, but the "Jesus" of Jesus Always doesn't even understand scripture. Should You RUN From Jesus Always? takes a sober look at both Jesus Always and scripture to determine whether this devotional is truly in alignment with scripture... or not.

Available soon on Amazon. Sample chapters available now online: Should You RUN From Jesus Always?

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In the beginning God created....In the beginning...

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth..." - Genesis 1:1

For a long time after I became a Christian Genesis 1 & 2 gave me problems. The "evidence" I saw all around me told me the world was billions of years old. Yet, Genesis plainly says everything was created in six days. I could not reconcile the two.

My solution was to decide this must be one of those things only God understands. I took it on faith that the Genesis 1 & 2 was true, and that it was my problem that I didn't understand it.

It turns out I had been misinformed.

I know this may be hard for some to believe -- because so many sources tell us otherwise: our "science"; the media; our books; and our schools tell us otherwise -- but the world is only about 6,000 years old; and there were dinosaurs on Noah's ark.

You don't have to take my word for it. In this section of our web site we'll look at both the Biblical evidence and the scientific evidence. We'll learn the truth. This first section is about what the Bible says. Then we'll take a look at what science says and some of the emails we've received on this subject.

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The Jesus Code - by Steve Hudgik
If people and dinosaurs lived together there should be some evidence. In this 35 minute message you'll examine 1000 year old art to learn the truth.

Scientists and Their Beliefs - by Dr. Donald Chittick. Learn the answers to these questions: What are the belief options for origins? Why is there so much disagreement? Which side, creationism or evolutionism, has more evidence? Is the idea of creation against science?

004922: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, DVDExpelled: No Intelligence Allowed, DVD

Ben Stein may not look like a typical school rebel---but when he learned that educators and scientists were being ridiculed, denied tenure, and even fired for the "crime" of discussing evidence of "design" in nature, he'd had enough! Join him as he travels the world, questioning academia's doctrine of random evolution and championing intellectual freedom! (PG.) 90 minutes.



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