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With the success of the 'Spirit' Rover probe to Mars, if and when we do find life on other planets how do you think that would impact Religion? Do you think the Bible would apply? Would Christ have died for aliens also?

Our Answer:

Finding evidence of non-intelligent life on another planet has no effect on our beliefs. God can create and put life anywhere He wishes.

It would be exciting to find life on another planet. Science continues to move ahead. The historical trend is that, as new scientific discoveries in biology and microbiology have been made, the more evidence in favor of intelligent design (God) there is. It seems the more we know, the more the scientific evidence points to God.

If we find life somewhere else in the universe, there are many possibilities as to what this could mean. A few are:

<> Finding plants, microbes and single cell life on another planet--or even animals, fish or other larger life forms--just means that God put life there.

<> Finding intelligent life would make things interesting, but it wouldn't change anything.

On the sixth day of creation when God created man on earth, man was a unique creation of God. What makes man unique? It's not our intelligence, it's that we were created in the image of God. This isn't talking about our physical shape, it means who we are... our characteristics such as the ability to love, our ability to create, our ability to care for others are all a reflection of God. That's why we are special to God, that's why God loves us so much.

It is interesting to note that all people (on earth), in all cultures, have some sort of beliefs about God. This is just what the Bible tells us:

Romans 1:8 "From the time the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky and all that God made. They can clearly see his invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing God."

God has created us in His image and God has put the knowledge of Himself in us.

But what if we find intelligence life in other planets that is just like us. Life that has all our characteristics and is thus created in the image of God?

That would prove the Bible was wrong. But this type of question is not meaningful.

The WHAT IF Question: The problem is that you can play "what if" games forever. Asking an unanswerable "what if" question does not mean the question deserves an answer. Asking an unanswerable "what if" question proves nothing. Anyone can make up countless "what if" questions that have no meaning. Five year olds are great at doing this. For example, ask: What if we open a grave in the Middle East and find Jesus' bones? If that happens the Bible is proven wrong because it proves Jesus was not bodily resurrected. But just because someone asked "what if", that does not mean that the question describes something that is possible. That you can think of a "what if" question proves nothing.

Back to the possibility of life on other planets: The bottom line is that I'm excited about finding life on other planets. We will learn a lot -- and I have have 100% confidence that the Bible will not be contradicted. In spite of huge amounts of effort to do so, in 3,500 years nothing has yet contradicted the Bible, nor proved anything in the Bible to be untrue. That's a pretty strong historical trend.

Yours in Christ,
Move To Assurance


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