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Leo wrote:

What is the purpose of the Holy Ghost in the New Testament Church? Is a person saved or on their way to heaven without the reception or evidence of the Holy Ghost?

Our Answer:

Hi Leo:

The purpose of the Holy Spirit is to:

<> Teach believers all things and bring to their minds all that Jesus has taught them. - John 14:26

<> Be a witness to Jesus. - John 15:26-27

<> Convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgement. - Matthew 16:8 & Luke 23:40

<> Guide believers in all truth. John 16:13 & John 23:40

It's not that we can or can not enter heaven without the Holy Spirit. Having the Holy Spirit is not a requirement for entering heaven. The only question related to salvation is whether or not the person has truly put their trust in Christ, and the result is they will have the Holy Spirit. Thus having the Holy Spirit is a result, not a requirement.

Although all believers have the Holy Spirit, some believers may not show evidence of trusating in Jesus in a way that others can notice. For example:

Some people were far from living a Christian life when the start trusting Jesus. They may have changed dramatically, but to our eyes they still apear to be crude and harsh.

Some people do little more than accept Christ as their savior, but their lives are not transformed much. There is not much visible evidence of their new life.

However... although there are exceptions, we generally do see a noticeable change in people's lives when they begin trusting in Christ.

You may have one believer who curses every five minutes, chain smokes, and races around town at high speed on a motorcycle. Another believer is quiet, clean cut and likes to help other people. What you did not know is that the second believer was always quiet, clean cut and helpful to others. There is actually little change in their life. On the other hand, the first person used to curse violently every 30 seconds, drink a six pack of beer every night, and intentionally run over kittens with his motorcycle. Trusting Jesus is making a big change in the life of the first person.

This is why we are not to judge whether someone else is saved--only Jesus, who can see the heart, can do that.

Yours in the Love of Christ,
Move To Assurance


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