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How do we know if God is a man or a woman?

Our Answer:


You could say neither and you can say both.

Both men and women are created in the image of God. This is not talking about our physical form. Remember that God does not have a physical form. We are created in the image of the character of God. Meaning we (men and women) contain God's character.

Unfortunately we have a problem in English because we do not have the right words. We typically use "man" to refer to everyone -- when it does not mean "male".

Adam was created first. The Hebrew word "Adam" means mankind. Adam was neither male nor female. Adam was a complete and whole image of God - meaning Adam included the characteristics of both of what we now call male and female.

When God created Eve, that is when He also created a male person. By taking a part of Adam and using it to create women, God was decreasing part of His character (God's character) in Adam. Now part of God's character is reflected in man; part in woman; and parts of His character is reflected in both men and women.

That's why men and women are different. We reflect different aspects of God's character. And that is why a man and a women together make a "whole" -- because it brings together all of God's character in their union. So you could say that only in the marriage of a man and a woman do we see the complete image of God.

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