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59915: Safely HomeSafely Home
By Randy Alcorn

"This book has been recommended to me by more people than any other book. An incredible story." - Steve H.

"Is this the day I die?" wonders Li Quan as he endures persecution for his faith. Half a world away his college buddy, businessman Ben Fielding, steps on the plane to China. Reunited after 20 years, both men face decisions that will determine their destinies---and the fates of their nations and the world. 400 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

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Creation DVDs. The Bible and evolution both can not be true. Men and dinosaurs did live together.

Download and print a gospel tract. This tract is called "An Invitation For You". It is available as a PDF file and as a Print Shop Deluxe file. If you have the Print Shop Deluxe software, this version provides better quality. Click on either link to view and save the tract. Print this tract on 8-1/2" x 11" paper. Once printed fold it in half, then fold it in half again.

MOST The Movie - Gospel MessageMinistry Tools For Use With MOST the Movie:
A father takes his son with him to his job as a bridge tender. When the son falls into the drawbridge's gears the father must choose between saving his son or saving the oncoming train. (Get a copy of Most the movie.)

Most the Movie Gospel Tract (English PDF)

Most Writer's Notes (English PDF)
Most Leader's Guide (English PDF)
Most Promotional Guide (English PDF)

The following are PhotoShop files:
Most Gospel Tract (Russian Part 1)
Most Gospel Tract (Russian Part 2)

The following is an MS Word file:
Most Writer's Notes (Russian)

Are You A Good Person - Gospel TractAre You A Good Person? Cedric Hohnstadt has created this excellent comic book style gospel tract. You can purchase copies of the English version of this tract from the Way Of The Master.

PhotoShop files of a Russian version may be downloaded here:

Russian Good Person Tract Inside (PSD file)

Russian Good Person Tract Outside (PSD file)

The above was translated to Russian as a MTA project. The following translations come from Cedric Hohnstadt's web site.

Spanish Good Person Tract (zip file containing TIFF files)

French Good Person Tract (zip file containing TIFF files)

MP3 PodCasts

Little People, Big God - Do you feel you have nothing to offer God? Have you thought that there is no way God could use you? Maybe you don't know enough or you have no ministry skills or you don't know what to say. This inspirational message from Jack Loughridge will help you see that God can use you, because it's not about you... it's all about God.

Little People, Big God - MP3 Podcast (19 mb)

What God Says About Homosexuality is a loving 35 minute message by Pastor Rick Elzinga looking at the what the Bible says about homosexuality, including the historical context during the first century. One of the best sermons on homosexuality I've heard.

What God Says About Homosexuality - MP3 Podcast
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Biblical Creation MP3 Messages

Scientists and Their Beliefs - by Dr. Donald Chittick. Learn the answers to these questions: What are the belief options for origins? Why is there so much disagreement? Which side, creationism or evolutionism, has more evidence? Is the idea of creation against science?

Scientists and Their Beliefs - MP3 Podcast
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The Jesus Code - In this message by Steve Hudgik you'll travel around the world to study thousand-year-old art learning what it reveals about people, dinosaurs and the Bible.

The Jesus Code - MP3 Podcast (16 mb)
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Evangelism MP3 Messages

Ten Shekels and a Shirt - by Paris Reidhead. This could be the most eye-opening message about evangelism you've heard. The challenge and blessings of this message from Judges 17 illustrates the ever-present danger of "evangelical" humanism. The longer you listen, the better it gets.

Ten Shekels and a Shirt - MP3 Podcast
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Other web sites offering free evangelism / ministry tools:

Hope International Missions

Way of the Master (click on "Free Tools" menu)

Bible Teaching Ministries

Pocket Testament League - provides free copies of the Gospel of John

Living Water Project - provides free copies of the Gospel of John


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