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59915: Safely HomeSafely Home
By Randy Alcorn

"This book has been recommended to me by more people than any other book. An incredible story." - Steve H.

"Is this the day I die?" wonders Li Quan as he endures persecution for his faith. Half a world away his college buddy, businessman Ben Fielding, steps on the plane to China. Reunited after 20 years, both men face decisions that will determine their destinies---and the fates of their nations and the world. 400 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

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Men And DinosaursMen & Dinosaurs Video

25 minute video featuring 1000 year old art, from locations around the world, that shows dinosaurs... and in some cases dinosaurs and men together.

Artists could not draw dinosaurs unless they had actually seen them. In the present we just have the bones and many times our artist renditions turn out to be wrong. When our scientists put the bones together, they don't always get it right. Yet people 1000 years ago accurately drew pictures of dinosaurs.

This video is available free on DVD, and you may make copies for others, so you can give copies to friends.

To get your copy of Men And Dinosaurs send $5.00 to:

Move To Assurance
P.O. Box 974
Tualatin, OR 97062

The DVD includes an English version plus a version with Russian subtitles. This video is on the same DVD as the Bible & Evolution video (below).

The Bible & Evolution Video

The Bible And EvolutionThe Bible and evolution are not compatible. If you believe that evolution is true, then you are saying the Bible is not true, Jesus is a liar and Christianity is not true.

In this 25 minute video you'll see that Jesus said the earth is young. He said that people have been on the earth since the beginning (not evolving into existence billions of years after the earth was formed), and that there was a worldwide flood.

The "Bible And Evolution" video is available free on DVD, and you may make copies for others. It is on the same DVD as the Men & Dinosaurs video (above).

This video is now included on the Men & Dinosaurs DVD.

Diablo Mountain
(Do All Paths Lead To The Top Of The Mountain?)

Climbing Diablo MountainDiablo Mountain - It has become a common belief that all religions lead to God. A way of expressing this belief is to say that all paths lead to the top of the mountain. In this DVD Steve climbs Diablo Mountain in Idaho and discusses various religions. He shows that all religions are based on a works-righteousness, and that God is not at the top of the mountain people are climbing with their own efforts. Steve ends up at the Pacific Ocean where he shows that the only way to salvation is through trusting in Jesus Christ.

Watch this video online.

This DVD includes two bonus tracks:

A Russian translation of this video is in production now.

To get your copy of Diablo Mountain send $5.00 to:

Move To Assurance
P.O. Box 974
Tualatin, OR 97062

Future videos will cover the age of the earth, Noah's Flood, feathered dinosaurs and other topics related to creation and American culture. A total of ten DVDs are planned.


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