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Jesus Calling
RUN! It's Jesus Calling
reveals the problems with this best-selling devotional.

False gospel? False teaching? False Jesus? Get an in-depth look at Jesus Calling to find out what this New Age book is actually teaching. This is not a sensationalism/ conspiracy theory type of book. RUN! It's Jesus Calling takes a sober look at both Jesus Calling and scripture to determine whether this devotional is truly in alignment with scripture... or not.

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MTA Pastor's Evangelism Package

We're sorry, but this package is no longer available. We no longer have the financial resources to supply this material.

Pastor's PackageWhenever we meet a pastor we offer them a free Pastor's Evangelism Package.

The contents varies, depending on what we have available, but the package shown to the right would be typical. It includes:

The MOST Movie DVD, ten Most tracts, and the MOST Movie writer's notes (not shown).

Two audio CDs. In this case "Hell's Best Kept Secret" and "True & False Conversions" by Ray Comfort are included.

A variety of sample gospel tracts are included. We try to select tracts based on the personality of the pastor or church. Some of the tracts are tracts we've published. Others we've purchased from other ministries.

If we notice a special need in a church we'll add other resources. The most common situation is a church or pastor who supports abortion. In that case we'll include the book "Why Pro-Life" by Randy Alcorn.

We also may provide a church or missionary, who has limited resources, with a package of 100 to 200 tracts they can use in ministry.

If we meet a pastor and do not have an Evangelism Package available, we'll offer to mail it to them at no charge. Our goal is to do all we can to promote the gospel and encourage Christian leaders to be leaders in sharing the gospel.

Our Pastor's Evangelism Package is not limited to pastors. We also give them to youth leaders, ministry team leaders, missionaries and anyone else who is involved in leadership or ministry.

Other than a business card, we do not include any promotional material about Move To Assurance. Our objective is to encourage evangelism by showing pastors and churches some of the evangelism tools that are available.

Evangelism In Russia

We have a similar Pastor's Evangelism Package that has been translated to Russian that we started giving to Russian pastors in 2007. The packages are either delivered in person during a mission trip to Russia, or mailed from the U.S. (we pay the postage). In 2008 we are planning to expand this ministry by giving each new Russian pastor graduating from a southern Russia seminary a free evangelism package.

Meeting With Church Leaders In Person

Most church leaders we meet by dropping in at their churches, although we have meet church leaders in places such as airports, seminars and conventions. Sometimes we'll visit a Sunday morning service. Other times we'll stop by to visit the pastor during the week. Whenever possible we'll try to spend some time talking about their church and learn what they are doing to share the gospel. They are many great evangelism ideas out there!

MTA Personal Resources

We have also supplied individuals with resources, such as those shown above. Some are given away for evangelism, others are used to strengthen a Christian's faith or their ability to defend the faith. Some of the examples shown above include:

In His Steps - Many people have rejected Christianity because of the hypocrisy they see in the church. This book addresses that issue. We have given away over 1,000 copies of this book.

More Than A Carpenter - For those with a logical mind, Josh McDowell gives a step-by-step logical presentation of the facts that demonstrate Jesus was not only a real person, he is God who died on the cross, was buried, and three days later rose from the dead. We have given away over 600 copies of this book.

The Light and the Glory - This book provides a look at early American history. It clearly shows America's Christian roots. We have been giving this book to college students who are history majors planning to become teachers.

Why Pro-Life - This book demonstrates that abortion is wrong. It is short and easy-to-read, making it excellent for just about anyone to read. We have given free copies of this book to pregnant mothers who are contemplating abortion, as well to church leaders and educators who support abortion.

The Book of Mormon vs. The Bible DVD - This video directly compares the claims and historical background of the Bible with that of the Book of Mormon. It shows that the Bible is grounded 100% in facts and the Book of Mormon is based on fiction. Used to strengthen the faith of those encountering the LDS church.

If we identify a need, we give away all of the above books, CDs, DVDs and tracts free. We even pay the postage for mailing them. However, we do not give then to just anyone who asks for them. We are supported by people such as you, and we want to be sure we use your resources in the most effective way possible. Books, videos and CDs are given away when we identify a need. Otherwise, we provide links to where they can be purchased on or offer them at a discount directly from us. (For example, MOST the Movie.)


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