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Jesus Calling
RUN! It's Jesus Calling
reveals the problems with this best-selling devotional.

False gospel? False teaching? False Jesus? Get an in-depth look at Jesus Calling to find out what this New Age book is actually teaching. This is not a sensationalism/ conspiracy theory type of book. RUN! It's Jesus Calling takes a sober look at both Jesus Calling and scripture to determine whether this devotional is truly in alignment with scripture... or not.

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Recommended Books:

It seems that when someone, who does not believe in Jesus, sets out to investigate the facts and scientifically prove that Jesus was not who he said he was, they end up believing in Jesus. When a skeptic looks at the evidence in an unbiased, scientific way, the answer they get is that Jesus was real, he was God, and we need to repent of our sins and accept Jesus as our savior.

Two outstanding books, written by people who did not believe Jesus is God, are:

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More Than a Carpenter , by Josh McDowell (Living Books), 128 pages.
This short book covers all the bases. Josh McDowell was a skeptic who thought Christians "must be out of their minds." He logically investigated and evaluated the evidence from a scientific view and concluded that Jesus really was God in human flesh.

The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel (Zondervan), 296 pages.
Lee Strobel was an atheist, an investigative journalist with a legal background and a skeptic. He examines the "case for Christ" from a legal prospective, interviewing expert witnesses and asking the tough questions of a skeptic. He tried to prove that Jesus was not who he claimed to be, but ended becoming a believer.

Other recommended books:

The Case for Faith , by Lee Strobel (Zondervan), 269 pages.
Investigative reporter Lee Strobel examines the barriers to faith. An excellent book for those who are attracted to Christianity, but have doubts and questions.

In His Steps, by Charles Sheldon (various publishers, including Barbour), 242 pages.
An unexpected visitor to a prosperous church challenges the congregation to do what Jesus would do. This book has had a profound effect on Christian thinking

Jesus Freaks , by DC Talk and the Voices of the Martyrs (Albury Publishing), 368 pages.
156,000 Christians were martyred in 1998. This book tells the stories of Christian martyrs from the first century to present day.

Mind Siege, by Tim LaHaye & David Noebel (World Publishing), 354 pages.
An examination and explanation of secular humanism, how it is impacting American life, and Christianity's response.

Videos That Help Start A Conversation

Share your faith with these DVDs, based on a fictional conversation with Jesus.

001497: The Perfect Stranger, DVD The Perfect Stranger, DVD

Despite her successful career as an attorney, Nikki Cominsky's life is far from perfect. When she receives a mysterious invitation to "dinner with Jesus of Nazareth," she accepts, thinking it's an intriguing prank. What ensues is a whirlwind evening of debate and revelation---with an unforgettable man! Will her life be changed forever? From the book by David Gregory. Approx. 105 minutes.
805140: Another Perfect Stranger, DVD Another Perfect Stranger, DVD

How would you react if your mom told you she had dined with the Almighty? Probably with disbelief---just like Sarah Cominsky after her mother, Nikki, reveals she spent an evening with Jesus. Traveling to college, Sarah strikes up a friendship with someone who shares her disdain for religion. Listen to their conversation---and be challenged and renewed! Another Perfect Stranger is the sequel to The Perfect Stranger (a film based on David Gregory's Dinner with a Perfect Stranger). CC. Approx. 96 minutes.

Special Features:
  • A Conversation with David Gregory
  • Behind the Scenes Scrapbook

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