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Russian Missionaries

" will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." - Acts 1:8

In 2007 we supported three Russian missionaries. One on a short-term trip to the Black Sea area, one full-time missionary currently working in a Muslim country, and Ulyana who is training to be a missionary. This is the story of Ulyana.

The Russian church is small, but strong in their desire to please God. The Russian Chrtistians I've met are dedicated to serving the Lord, including taking the gospel message to other parts of the world.

Reports from Ulyana are available for:

December 2007

Ulyana is being required to go back to Moscow to obtain her student visa. A friend in South Africa has donated the airline tickets, and she will travel to Moscow on Christmas day.

She is currently living with a friend on a farm in South Africa.

Ulyana has be helping us by translating emails for Move To Assurance. We maintain correspondence with several people in Russia and at times we need help with translation. She just finished translating a long letter that discussed knowing God, and God as the potter and humanity as the clay. It has been a huge blessing to have her available to translate for us.

Please be praying that she will get her student visa in Moscow and be able to return to school in South Africa.

November 2007

There have been sufficient pledges of support to pay for her school expenses. Ulyana says that she will be able to find ways to get the other things she needs. There is still no word on her visa. Please be praying that South Africa will give her a student visa so she can stay and complete her studies.

It is currently summer break in South Africa. However, the school is working with Ulyana to help her get caught up on courses she was not able to complete while she was home in Russia. Regular classes will begin in January.

Thank you for your prayers.

October 2007

Ulyana has arrived at the seminary in Africa on a three month tourist visa. She has been to the embassy to attempt to get her visa changed to a student visa allowing her to stay to complete her studies. However, she is being required to show that she has sufficient financial resources, or sufficient monthly support, to pay her expenses. She does not have the financial support needed.

Please be praying that the Lord will bring Ulyana the financial support she needs to stay in school and finish the final two years of the four year seminary program.

September 2007

This month Ulyana writes:

The past two months has been for me totally something new, some problems with my visa also God made the things that were impossible for me possible.

I am a Russian student going to Africa to finish my studies at a seminary. The first of all was to get my visa. It was so difficulty. The embassy has a rule for Russians to get a visa . Each Russian has to pay for visa, and show they have 2000$ US on deposit. This thing that they ask from each person.

The most problem was the paperwork. To get for your visa you have to almost complete 100 papers; your nation, your past, parents, ect all about you, and it took for me to get everything 4 month. I am feeling very tired. But I know God wants to me see me complete my study. I was even thinking not to go but I know God never leave the things half way, to complete my study left only 2 years. I have already completed two years.

At the moment I have a three month entry visa. As soon as I will arrive I need to change my visa for 2 years study permit.

I thought I will never get my visa, because for us Russians and especially I am student to find 2000$ it’s not an easy. But one day I got an email from friends she told me, please Ulyana never give up, so God made miracle and I can see God open the doors.

I prayed a lot and fast one month that God will open the doors and showing me His will. I said I won't be let You go unless You won't be Bless me.

I am happy that God is faithfully always and never leave He is children.
My vision is, after graduation I want to go Muslim countries like Arabia to reach Muslims for Gospel.

My back round is I was born in Muslim family, but God find me when I was teenager from this time I am following Him and never leave Him. I found Him and He testify my heart.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for my extending visa
  • For my safety and protection in Africa, as you know there are problemsthere.
  • Please pray for my funds from this year the college going up for our fees.That God will provide me in that.
  • To be faithfully to Him always for safety journeys from Russia to Africa.

Thank you may our God will be with us.

August 2007

I'd like you to meet Ulyana. She plans to be a missionary in an Islamic country, so we are not using her real name. This is her story.

Ulyana is from Samara, Russia, a city on the Volga River in the western part of Russia. She writes:

"I was born into a Muslim family Central Asia. My parents were lecturers in a technical university; life for me was very good. I had a healthy family and good, educated parents. It seemed that life was perfect, but for me, it never was. When I became teenager, I became depressed. I couldn't understand why I was so down what was wrong with me-- why I couldn't find anything that satisfied my heart., This question started to badger me and I became more and more depressed. Since I grew up in a Muslim family, I knew we worshiped only Allah, but I didn't even know how to do that. One day in the darkness I cried out and said, "God, if you really exist, help me, as I am tired of not finding you. I even don't want to live because I can't see any purpose to my life. Where can I go, what can I do? I seek, but don't find anything!".

"After we moved to Samara, I met a guy from the college named Sasha. He was a Christian. I found him interesting as his life was very different than mine. One day he came to me and invited me to visit his church. I told him, "I'm Muslim so I can't go with you." But he was very persistent, and every time he saw me he asked again. One day I gave up and said, "Okay, I will go with you." That same day I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior. From that time I began learning His ways and He started to teach me. Today I know that He is the only one that can satisfy my heart."

"Later on Sasha told me that God led him to pray for me. So he prayed for me for two months and God answered. I became His child. I am thankfully that Sasha was obedient to God's voice."

"It has been 13 years since my conversion and my desire today is to serve my Heavenly Father. It has been difficult as my family rejected me and my faith. For many years I didn't see my parents. They returned to their home in Central Asia and wanted nothing to do with me. Today my younger sister is also a believer, and my parents, although still Muslims, do not refuse to see me anymore. I continue to pray for their salvation."

"Last year I began a degree in theology. My goal is to become a missionary to Muslim people, and achieving this degree will allow me access into the countries that so desperately need to know about Jesus. I really want to complete my studies. My vision is for Muslim counties like Saudi Arabia. It has been my heart from the beginning when I repented and became a Christian. Today I have a big passion for Muslim people to reach them for the Gospel."

"I will be very happy if in your heart you have any desire to help this Russian girl who God has called to give His message of hope to Muslims. I will accept your help as God's blessing."

"I pray that God can open the doors to complete His plan through me and I want to be only an instrument His hands."


Ulyana must travel outside Russia to attend seminary. She has two more years of school before she graduates. We invite you to join us in supporting Ulyana with your prayers, and if possible financially. We will post her prayer requests on this page as she sends them to us.

Financial support may be sent to: Move To Assurance, P.O. Box 974, Tualatin, OR 97062. Please include your name and address if you would like to receive a receipt. All donations are fully tax deductible. Thank you.




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