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59915: Safely HomeSafely Home
By Randy Alcorn

"This book has been recommended to me by more people than any other book. An incredible story." - Steve H.

"Is this the day I die?" wonders Li Quan as he endures persecution for his faith. Half a world away his college buddy, businessman Ben Fielding, steps on the plane to China. Reunited after 20 years, both men face decisions that will determine their destinies---and the fates of their nations and the world. 400 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

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We received the following email from Dr. R:

Perhaps if you are to write about evolution and use it as an argument as to the meaning of life your authors really ought to read a little about evolution and learn to understand what it actually is. Not how it is often portrayed in the media and ill educated sites like yours.

Firstly and critically evolution is not about improving things - making people/animals smarter, stronger or faster. Each generation is not better, a successive generation may even be less adapted and 'evolved' to their environment that a previous generation!.

Evolution success = reproductive success.

This does not necessarily = the strongest/ most intelligent.

e.g Intelligent flies have less offspring. It is advantageous for them to be less bright - to act on instinct.

Secondly, even if every single human being has children we are still evolving. This is because different people have different numbers of children and at different rates. It is not just about having children or not having children. It is about overall reproductive success..

If you wish to use a scientific argument for the pointlessness of life - perhaps you could mention that our sun is eventually going to swallow the earth and destroy our planet. -

Dr. R

Our reply: What Is The Definition of Evolution?



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