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Secular Humanism
Secular humanism promotes "reason, secular values and the good life." (1)

If God does not exist, then we only have ourselves to depend on. That is called secular humanism. Secular humanism is the belief that we are on our own. The teachings of secular humanism so pervade our culture that many "Christians" have secular humanistic beliefs instead of believing the Bible.

What do you think about the following?

Moral values derive their source from human experience.(*)

Moral values derive from human experience Moral values derive from God

Reason and intelligence are the most effective instruments that humankind posses.(*)

Reason and intelligence are effective God is in charge

Intolerant attitudes, often cultivated by orthodox religions and puritanical cultures, unduly repress sexual conduct. The right to birth control, abortion and divorce should be recognized.(*)

Christianity is intolerant Sexual activitiests are intolerant

Christianity and democracy go together.

Christianity and democracy go together Christianity is not related to any form of government

We can solve problems by using our human abilities, such as the use of critical reasoning and the use of scientific methods, to seek factual evidence leading to solutions to human problems.

We can solve problems using our human abilities God is in control

Religions are systems created by people to serve their own purposes.

Religions are creaed by people Christanity is a recvognition ofthe creator of the universe

Secular humanism is the belief that we have the ability to solve our problems by ourselves. It is based on the belief that life from non-living materials, that we evolved from lower forms of life, and that we are in control of our lives. It is the belief that we create our own moral values--and that moral values are relative to individuals and cultures (what is right for me may not be right for you). It includes the belief that we must tolerate everyone and everything.

Secular humanism, and the above beliefs, are opposed to Christianity.

Recommended reading:

Mind Siege, by Tim LaHaye & David Noebel (World Publishing), 354 pages.
An examination and explaination of secular humanism, how it is impacting America and Christianity's response.

America's Real War, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin (Multnomah), 362 pages.
An orthodox Jewish rabbi shows that Christian values are vital for America's survival. A complete examination of secular humanism. Highly recommended.

How Should We Then Live?, by Francis Schaeffer (Crossway Books), 288 pages. An analysis of key moments in history that have formed our present culture.

(1) Quotation from the web site.
(*) Quoted from the Humanist Manifesto II


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