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What is our purpose?
If there is no God, our only reason to exist is to have a good time.

We do have a reason for living. We have a purpose, and it is related to God.

First, however, if there is no God, what might our purpose for living be?

I can think of two things...

1) Why not just have a good time -- eat, drink and be merry?

2) If we are based on evolution, our purpose is to survive and have children -- so we can create a new generation (the strong survive and pass on their genes, making the next generation slightly better.)

The problem is, neither of these work.

Eat, drink and be merry: It's rather self-centered, but I guess that's okay. The problem with eat, drink and be merry is that it eventually leads to feelings of emptiness, boredom, pointlessness and depression. Those who have tried to use pleasures of the flesh to create a fullfilling life, find themselves in an endless cycle of always seeking more. Something a little better, a little more stimulating. It never ends. It's an empty, depressing way of life.

We are based on evolution: If this is the road we are to follow, then something has gone seriously wrong. We are letting just anyone have children. Defective, weak people are passing on their genes. Poor people have more kids than those with better genetics.

If we are going to base our lives on evolution and natural selection, we need to let natural selection work so that only the strong survive. We need to eliminate all social programs, all famine relief and free medical programs. It's the only way for the human race to evolve and improve.

Right now there is no natural selection among humans. We're all having kids. Maybe Hitler had it right. Not only should we be letting nature eliminate the weak, the strong should use their perogative and wipe out the weak and defective.

I don't like either of these options. I prefer the truth.

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